Ocean Depths

The depths of our leisure know no bounds! Our last visit to Oahu gave us a chance to enjoy the ocean.

Yokohama Beach is a quiet, uncrowded beach far from the typical tourist path. One has to get here by car.

Floating in the depths of Yokohama Beach, Oahu

Floating in the depths of Yokohama Beach, Oahu

Further north is the famed North Shore. We visited Sunset Beach in January when the waves were at their highest.

This day, as a surf competition was starting, the waves were recorded at 23 feet!

Big Waves at North Shore

Big Waves at North Shore

Back in Waikiki, we let the shallow depths of the waters swirl soothingly around our sunburned feet.

Shallow Swirls Around Our Feet

Shallow Water Swirls Around Our Feet



13 thoughts on “Ocean Depths

  1. I love love love the water around the islands. Next time you go, check out Hawaii Island Retreat (www.hawaiiislandretreat.com ) on Hawaii Island. My sister and brother-in-law built it and I go every once in awhile. It’s a trek from Kansas City! I think next time I’ll fly to LA, spend a couple of days, and fly on. Not so grueling.

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  3. My wife (in the interest of the rest of humanity) generally forbids me to talk about my feet for a host of reasons I shall forego. Today, however, I will simply say how much I miss the feeling of wet sand slithering through my toes as the salty shore skitters in and out. Major beach lust right now, thanks, Terri.

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