Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Seems that one-third of my photo gallery has photos with the color orange. Even my non-traditional wedding ring (second time around) sports an orange sapphire.

Being a redhead, heaven forbid I wear bright orange, but I love the muted shades of rust, peach, salmon and even copper. These colors make me happy. I hope they brighten your day!


18 thoughts on “Nothing Rhymes with Orange

  1. Oh yes, you’re right that nothing rhymes with orange!!! Well your photos speak volumes on the charms that orange brings… It’s one of my favorite colors as well… I’ve got black hair so when I wear it, I look rather Halloween-seque but it’s great !
    Your ring is lovely! The setting and stone are so unique:)
    Thanks for sharing your orange extravaganza with us!

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  2. Beautiful photos! Orange is definitely not a colour I will be seeing outdoors any time soon, since my recent move to Canada’s Northwest Territories. I’ve got a lot of photos with white, though!

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