The Stormys of Our Lives

For Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is “STORM.”

A couple of years ago when it actually rained in California (yes, there is a song) I took this photo with my phone while I was the passenger in my car. These are the kinds of thunderstorms that bring big hail and fat rainbows; but those are for another post.


Then there are the storms that come into our lives in the shape of a cat. “Stormy” was named because of his gray and white coloring. He grew to be a large cat of 17 pounds who moved into eternity in 2008 at age 16.


My big cat Stormy.

How do you handle or celebrate the storms of your life?


12 thoughts on “The Stormys of Our Lives

  1. The true storms of my life… I handle through peaceful isolation. I’ll go for a walk, or escape into some form of entertainment. I’ll put it all off till the next day. It always looks so much better the next day. Until then, I’ll get fresh air. I’ll watch a new movie. Some form of escapism. But in the past couple of years, well, these stormy moments ares normally when my Luna bugs me that it’s time for her belly rub. So I can’t go for my walk anymore. And I’d turn on that movie, but she’s purring on my lap, and the remote is out of reach. Ugh.

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  2. Smart to save those photos for a future post. I realize they’ll be overlap in a lot of these, so hopefully others are looking out as well 🙂

    A great storm image – I like the painterly editing technique, and Stormy looks like a wonderful cat. Our cat passed at 16 as well, just this past year. I wish you well.

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