Beneath My Feet: Weekly Photo Challenge

Beneath Your Feet

While flying to the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, little did I know when I took these photos from the plane, that the weekly photo challenge’s theme was “Beneath Your Feet.”


This particular photo is also submitted for Ed’s Sunday Stills: Black and White Clouds.


Clouds and Mt Hood beneath my feet

Take a look at some more of some things I found beneath my feet this weekend.


View from the plane.


The Spokane (WA) river runs through downtown Spokane.


10 thoughts on “Beneath My Feet: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I like the mountain photo. The photo of the Spokane River is cool. I was in Spokane once when I was about 4 years old. My mom and I took the train from Glasgow, Montana to Spokane. I had to go to a children’s hospital there for a check up on my hip. When I was born my hips had not hardened from cartilage to actual bone. I can remember the train trip, a lot of tall buildings, a big orange umbrella billboard or sign for Traveler’s Insurance and watching “The Nutty Professor” starring Jerry Lewis in the hospital room with my mom.

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