A Photo a Week Challenge: Wood

I have discovered a new photography challenge! Nancy Merrill Photography hosts the Photo a Week Challenge. This week’s theme is wood.

These photos show how wood is incorporated into our leisure experiences.

This first photo shows how an outdoor, outlet shopping mall in San Diego has incorporated nature into its architecture and surroundings. Sponsored by an Indian casino, shoppers are greeted with sounds of trickling water, restful places to sit and rest on these comfortable wooden benches, while listening to Native American flutes and soft music.


A place to relax while shopping

This photo shows one of my students carefully negotiating the wooden catwalk challenge at the Peak Adventures Ropes Challenge Course. She is over 40 feet high in the air!

Wooden Catwalk

Student takes careful steps on the catwalk (40 feet high) for a Ropes Course Challenge

Last but not least is this shot of a mangrove tree in San Diego’s Balboa Park. Being able to walk through the park for free to experience trees and flowers not native to California is a true leisure education experience.



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