Weekend Coffee Share: Fun is Good


Original image by Rich Baum Photography. Edited by me.

I am off having fun this weekend with friends from the delta. Please enjoy your cup of coffee or tea as you ponder this quote by Dr. Seuss:

If you never did, you should, these things are fun and fun is good!

Fall (or spring in Southern Hemisphere) is a good time to get out and recreate on the water in many places! Why not challenge yourself to a stand-up paddle session? One you get used to it, then you can add the dogs!

Wishing you loads of fun and frolic today!

Join in on the fun of sharing a post with Part-Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Fun is Good

  1. A great quote and one we should all live by. Looks like you and your ‘baby’ had some fun. Enjoy your cofffee! Thanks Terri for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes

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  2. Terri! Hope you are having a super weekend on the delta! I love your photo with your dogs! And I agree that the change of seasons is all about making positive changes in life!
    Hmm, stand-up paddleboarding is something I’d love to try!
    Take care and indeed, life is meant to be fun!
    All my best,

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