The Leisure Link Week 10 Round Up: Commenting is Caring

The-Leisure-LinkWeek 10 of the Leisure Link was filled with truly amazing posts about the various incarnations of leisure! From travel, to recipes, fitness and culture, to home décor, this link had it all.

Last week we had 24 link-ups! Best ever! Let’s break a record for this week.

As the host of The Leisure Link, I stop by each post and comment, thanking each blogger for sharing. It is very rewarding to see comments by other bloggers who linked up, who then visited other Leisure Linkers.

Commenting is caring and the heart and soul of link-ups!

Thank you to all of my veteran Leisure Linkers and new bloggers who have shared your lovely posts and who took the time to visit others’. Your posts were also shared on my Pinterest Leisure Link page.

10 things I learned in MontanaThe winner this week was none other than Kimberly Montgomery from Fifty Jewels who shared “10 Things I Learned in Montana.” An adventurous gal who lives in the mountains, Kimberly deftly describes her experiences in Montana with humor and wit, along with sharing some fantastic photos!

Please stop by her blog to see what she learned in Montana! Congrats, Kimberly, and hope to see you back this week.

Kimberly also has the distinction of launching her brand new Choices Notebook on Kickstarter this week. Read my review of this amazing planner!

What will you post this week? Please share the fun and this post with other bloggers!

The Link is Live now!


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