Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Wrong Position?

Have you ever taken a photo that did not come out the way you expected? Most of us have seen the strange things growing out of heads or bodies in an otherwise beautiful picture.

This week, Hugh is challenging us to share a photo of something in the wrong position. Either I take really great photos or I have deleted the bad ones–more likely the latter. Still wanting to “play” along with this challenge, I found this gem.

My husband, step-daughter, and I were playing on our stand-up paddle boards at the delta in late August. She was doing some yoga poses and I took several photos!

Holding his daughter in the palm of his hand

You tell me; hand photo-bombed or artfully planned?

Whatever your opinion, these are hard to capture (at least for me). Sorry, Hugh, this was the best I could find in my seemingly endless photo collection.

Hugh's weekly photo challenge

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20 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Wrong Position?

  1. I’m just stinkin’ impressed with “airplane pose” on a paddle board! That’s what we call an “instagram yoga pose!” Right up there with doing “dancer pose” on a rock in the middle of a stream! Tell her I’m so impressed! Now I have just added “Paddle board yoga” to Our List! LOL

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  2. Looks like an extremely challenging challenge to me, and you made a valiant attempt, even it it wasn’t entirely to your satisfaction. I’m certainly impressed by your step-daughter’s “yoga post on a paddle board.” I can’t even imagine standing up on a paddle board, but then I am many, many years older than your step-daughter. My legs definitely wouldn’t let me do that!

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  3. a little of both I would have thought – nice that this was the worst photo you could come up with Terri – it says a lot for your photo taking (or deleting skills!) Thanks for sharing on our #OTM link up ~ Leanne 🙂

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