Feeling Twitterpated? Two Easy Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Blog

Two Easy ways to use twitter to grow your blog

If you are a mildly serious blogger, you know that social media is your BFF. Now that my blog has gone down the self-hosting road (a road I really like), I must rely on social media for promoting my blog posts.

If you are like me, you still may find the land of Twitter rather daunting. Years before I started blogging, I had the opportunity to set up a Twitter account for my work to promote our recreation programs. I quickly got bored.

Twitter engagement has come a long way since then and using tweets to promote your blog is the one of the easiest things you can do.

Let me introduce to you two easy tools to use: TwitterFeed and Twitter Cards.

Part One: TwitterFeed.

TwitterFeed is an app that auto-tweets your fellow bloggers’ posts as soon as they are published. Once you set up from their RSS feed, you literally do NOTHING else. I discovered this FREE service on one of my Facebook groups. The motto of TwitterFeed is “Feed your blog to Twitter.”

What is an RSS feed? Every blog has one. It looks like this: http://secondwindleisure.com/feed/

For most URLs, simply adding the word feed after the forward slash will be enough to establish the feed into your TwitterFeed dashboard.

While it is nice to help out other bloggers, it is equally nice to get help. Having your posts auto-tweeted by other bloggers really helps grow your blog and Twitter followings. When I changed my blog’s domain name, all my TwitterFeed accounts in other feeds abruptly stopped. I messaged each blogger kindly asking each one to add my new domain into their existing account.

TwitterFeed also links Facebook and LinkedIn to their posts. In other words, each time a blogger publishes a post, it auto-sends the tweet AND posts on the Facebook page of your choice. The tweet of your post will be a “re-tweet.” It is also good etiquette to thank your twitter “posse” each time a post is re-tweeted. I made a list of all my twitter feed folks so that I can tweet using their twitter handle with a tweet like this: “Thanks 4 RTs! @windigenredhead,” etc!

[bctt tweet=”If you open a TwitterFeed account, please feel free to practice with my URL feed information. If you do, please let me know so I can add yours to my feed.” username=”windigenredhead”]

Twitter Feed Tutorial

I do not profess to be an expert, BUT I can show you the basics of getting started on TwitterFeed.

Step One: Sign up and create an account. It’s Free. Here is the link to TwitterFeed. 

Step Two: Take a look at your dashboard. This is what mine looks like. It can also be shown in list format.

Twitter Feed dashboard view


Step Three: Edit Feed. Here is where you add others’ feeds to your dashboard.

How to create a feed


Step Four: In this step you “parse” or test the feed once you copy and paste in the URL. Be very careful not to add a space between the feed symbol and the beginning of the URL. It is easy to do because you cannot see it. If a space is there, it will not parse and an error message comes up. Simply back space just before the http to delete the space. Try again to test the feed.

Twitter Feed showing parsed OK


Step Five: Go to your advanced settings BEFORE you proceed to Step 2. Here you can customize the post. You can leave most fields alone, but do edit the “Post prefix” and “Post suffix” fields. You can see I added “check out this blog” which introduces the post. By placing the blogger’s Twitter handle (ex: @windigenredhead), it assures that the blogger sees it on their Twitter notification. From here you can proceed to their Step 2 (as seen at the bottom of the photo).

TwitterFeed advance settings page


Step Six: This step confirms the feed was successfully updated. Next, you can see the available services. For now, just add Twitter.

Feed successfully updated


Step Seven: In this step you will authenticate your twitter account. Note the drop-down menu in #1. Your twitter handle (Twitter name) should be there. Select that, then click the big blue button.

Select Twitter account and authenticate


Step Eight: In this step, you authorize the app by clicking the blue button.

Authorization to use Twitter

Step Nine: And…congratulations! You are done. You will repeat these steps for each feed you add. It only takes a few moments for each feed. Be sure to have the bloggers’ information ready for cutting and pasting.

Congratulations, feed successfully configured


For additional help, here is TwitterFeed’s help tutorial with similar information. http://help.twitterfeed.com/knowledgebase/topics/14123-twitterfeed-basics-getting-started

You will also get an e-mail notification that your blog was tweeted just as soon as yours posts. You do not get notifications of tweets that you have added into your feed. I just check my Twitter widget on my blog’s sidebar for updates. Many bloggers will favorite and re-tweet the tweets, just as you should when you have been re-tweeted.

Part Two: Using Twitter Cards

If you are a prolific tweeter, you may have noticed that many posts are coming up with a thumbnail or larger photo with the publisher’s information embedded. This really encourages re-tweeting and sharing!

Over the weekend, I came across a post by my favorite how-to blogger, Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging. She shared her post using a guest blogger’s expertise. Trudy, Janice’s guest blogger, has great tips and a tutorial for making your own Twitter Card.

My experience? Don’t overthink it and make it too hard.

I also utilized the Happiness Engineers at WordPress with this tutorial.


Below is an example of what a Twitter card looks like when re-tweeted.

Tweet with summary card

You probably have seen your twitter feed full of tweets similar in appearance. You can see the blog’s title and first few lines of the post.

Below is what a tweet looks like without the Twitter Card enabled. The tweet still shows the photo (if there is a featured image from your blog), but there is no other identification.

TWittercard not enabled


[bctt tweet=”Not a fan of Twitter and want to just do the minimum? If you do nothing else, it is SUPER easy to share others’ blogs by simply clicking the tweet button at the bottom of their posts.” username=”windigenredhead”]

Twitter can be your friend. There are indeed many tools available for blog promotion and sharing. These are two you can adopt right away. After all, you do want readers. Good luck and please message me if you have any issues.


56 thoughts on “Feeling Twitterpated? Two Easy Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Blog

  1. Thanks Terri, just when I was nice and comfy in my blogging skin you give me something else to go play with #Inevergetanythingdone #twitterpatedisaword #hashtag, great information now off to the land of Twitter see you next month!


  2. Hi Terri
    1. Thank you so much for linking to me! I greatly appreciate the exposure, the promotion, and the link! Very thoughtful of you!
    2. You did a wonderful job with your Twitter tool post. These are indepth tutorials which, I am sure, will help many people expand their presence on Twitter.


  3. This is great information Terri. I think Twitter is kind of fun. I noticed those automatic links and wondered how they work. I need to do this- when I get my semester grades done.
    Happy weekend, I hope it is as lovely there as it is here. It is finally spring!


  4. Great tutorial! I go back and forth about promoting my blog on social media… it took me awhile to even open an Instagram account and link my blog to it. I would like to consider self-hosting, though, and may reach out to you for more info.


    • Oh, please do! I used WordPress to do the work (Guided Transfer $129). Hosting is relatively cheap…it’s the setting up that is time consuming. I have done it before and had a friend guide me. Twitter is great for promoting, although I don’t hang out there much 🙂


  5. Great Twitter tips! I know I don’t use Twitter enough, and while I believe I have read about TwitterFeed before, I didn’t pay attention… I’ll have to look into it more this time! Thanks for the tutorial! I’ll also check out the post about Twitter cards!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


  6. Blow me down…I’m following you just for this post alone!! I dropped in off Janice Walds meet and greet and it seems that decision was wise for me…possibly not for you though 🙃

    Really excellent post and thank you for sharing it 😊


      • No problem at all…I always try to find and follow writers of any sort….same reason as you I’m trying to get published too….not sure where yet but current book is at my proofer for polishing as it were. I’ll pop over whenever time allows and I see a post in my reader…if it’s infrequent bug me about it…time is my enemy at the moment 🙃


  7. Hi,Loved this. I have read Janice Wald’s post it was very well done as well. I find Twitter great for growing my audience. It is coming along nicely. The tools you mentioned here look interesting I will have to check it out. 🙂


  8. I’ve never heard of Twitterfeed before, but I love that I can learn something new every day LOL! I’ve added my favourite blogs to my dashboard, and I’m now checking out Twitter Cards. Thank you so much for this brilliant info! 🙂


  9. Hi Terri I’m a fan of Twitterfeed but haven’t explored Twitter Cards as yet. Thanks for a very helpful tutorial I find that my twitter followers have certainly increased since I started using Twitterfeed. Great post and thanks for linking up to Over the Moon. Have a great week.


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  12. Bookmarked – thank you! Never heard of twitterfeed – it sounds good & I may look into it. & I have been wondering what those twittercards are & how people get their tweets to do that FOREVER, so I will be studying this!


  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was definitely Twitterpated. The probiotics have helped with the constipation, so I just had the twitter thing to resolve. Was that super inappropriate? I thought so. 🙂


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  15. This post has been a game changer for me! I first read it a few weeks ago, and I started using Twitterfeed. This has greatly increased my followers and engagement. Thank you sooooo much for posting this. This has been one of the few Twitter posts that I’ve truly found useful 🙂
    -Fabi at Wonder Fabi
    Blog Share Learn Link Up


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